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Fun Facts

Grevy's zebras do not have lasting relationships. However, they do have close bonds with their fathers.

Males usually mature by the age of five and travel around together in small groups. During the rainy season, the females breed with the stallions. Sometimes a male will fight a female's father to take her away from her family. This behaviour is supposed to prevent inbreeding.

The mother zebra carries her baby for thirteen months before she gives birth. The baby zebra or "foal" must stay within two kilometres of water even though it doesn't drink any until it reaches three months old. When the mother needs to drink water, the territorial male babysits the foal. At six weeks old, this little foal has a large appetite! It grazes as much as a five-month old horse. Grazing at such a young age helps the baby zebra gain independence from its mother.

A female is able to have one foal every year. A newborn is about 80 centimetres high. It has a white stubby body with brown stripes. This creature lives to be about 28 years old.